"Hmmm. An amazing collection of talent, insight, resourcefulness, ENERGY, responsibility and did I say ENERGY? What Roy didn't know, he learned. What he did, he strived to do better. Many times our business is more about the willingness to get in the weeds and not just create pretty pictures but contribute to the bigger picture. That's Roy.

Kaoru Seo
SVP, Creative Director
The Garage Team Mazda

"If there is anyone that can jump in with both feet and make smart, sharp, targeted design, it's Roy. He is a brilliant concepter and art director, and also comes up with clever copy on the spot! If you're looking for great design from a man you can consistently count on, work with Roy Antoun. He is sorely missed at our shop!"

Dawn Hylton
Associate Creative Director

“Extremely efficient and multi-faceted is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Roy. I had the pleasure working with Roy while he acted as a freelance artist at Lehman Millet. Roy executed quality work and brought energy, humor (along with much appreciated protein packs) to my team, and kept a cool head while managing a heavy volume of work. His ability to juggle multiple projects and collaborative nature made a huge difference on our team. Roy would be an asset to any team or agency. You won’t find anyone else as hard-working and skilled at bringing levity to any situation.”

Erin Greiner
VP Account Director
Wunderman LA

"How to define Roy. Super creative? Uber creative? hmmm. I can’t really do it justice but Roy could. That’s what made working with him so great. Roy caught up to what I would attempt to express right away. Sometimes before I even got there. He could take a semi-coherent thought from me and give it direction and meaning. I watched the same process occur with most everyone Roy interacted with. It was something to behold. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Roy at GTM and hope to do so again in the future."

Steve R. Gibson
VP Group Director, Search
Canvas Worldwide

"Having worked with Roy for over 20 years, I can’t say enough about the unique gift he has for maintaining professionalism and productivity while making every moment along the way a pleasure. His quick wit and warm demeanor are closely connected to the very things that make him an incredible designer: a laser sharp intellect and the ability to connect with an audience on an emotional level. Through these assets, Roy creates visual communication solutions that take a direct route to the emotional drivers that build lasting customer relationships and affect buying decisions."

Andrea ONeill
President and Founder
Canal Branding

"Roy's creativity and tireless work ethic made him an integral part of the The Garage Team Mazda—so much so that I and many of his co-workers are still having a hard time dealing with the fact that he decided to move on to pursue other endeavors. In addition to his fantastic work as an Art Director and Studio Designer on the Mazda account, he went above and beyond his job duties on a daily basis, lending his substantial talents to all sorts of agency-related activities. But most importantly, he is a fantastic guy who pours his heart and soul into everything he does."

Brian Wilcher
Account Executive
Creative Circle

"Roy brings a fresh creative perspective every time. Whether I am looking for a quick project or to have Roy run an entire campaign, I can always count on him for great results. I've worked with Roy for over 20 years and would not hesitate to recommend him for any design or marketing work. Wildly talented and a quick study, Roy just gets it done."

Marc J. Bishara
Mulholland Ventures

"Roy is an absolute joy to work with. In addition to his infectious positive energy, he always provided great creative insight and delivered clean and well executed work. He would be an huge asset to any company and creative team he works with."

Alexa Mancini
Project Manager

"I had the good fortune of working with Roy during the “early days” at the Garage Team Mazda. Roy was part of the start-up team that kept the machine running smoothly at breakneck speed and, in doing so, ultimately contributed to the agency’s success and longevity. Roy was not only a great creative thinker and executer, but he also added tremendous value to the organization by helping the team develop the creative and production processes that are still in effect today. And you can’t ask for a more positive, professional attitude than the one Roy demonstrated every day. I highly recommend Roy and hope to work with him again in the future."

Vivian (Hancock) Rodriguez
Group Account Director

"I have worked with Roy on numerous projects during my tenure at different Ad Agencies! He was always a pleasure to work with, and routinely exceeded clients expectations! He always made himself available, and was quite willing to work within client parameters! I would HIGHLY recommend Roy for any Creative Shop that wants or needs EXCELLENT creative work!"

Jamil Bardowell
Executive Producer
TBWA / Media Arts Lab

"Roy is a delight to work with. He helped us on executing multiple campaigns and tactics while here. Always helpful, cheerful, and focused on solutions, he was a valuable addition to the creative team at LehmanMillet!"

Emily Ivey
Associate Creative Director

“Roy is one of my favorites amongst the many great ones I’ve met at the Garage and that is directly due to his super positive, warm, and hilarious personality. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this guy. At the same time, he is able to manage and tackle any problem with a calm and caring demeanor. He is attentive to each person’s needs and will personally take on any task high or low to achieve a team’s goals. I would gladly recommend Roy to any organization.”

Bryan Kestell
Senior Art Director
The Garage Team Mazda

"Roy and I worked together to produce 'TechTalk'—one of three monthly magazines published by Nissan Motor. I was the Managing Editor and Roy designed and produced the magazine along with creating final files for print. Roy consistently created a quality publication for Nissan every month. He was always professional with a high degree of creativity and energy. Roy consistently met all deadlines and supported Nissan to achieve the mission and objectives of TechTalk magazine. If given the opportunity, I would jump at the chance to work with Roy again. I know I can trust his work, his ethics, and his desire to create a quality product."

Tim Carter
Senior Managing Editor
Nissan Motor Corporation

"Roy was (at the Garage) and still is (with whomever is smart to snatch up his services) one of the most talented Art Directors in the industry. He has an excellent design instinct when given free reign or when client requirements might not get along with creative work. And, if that's not enough, his positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish a job does not have an 'off' switch. In short, Roy would make any creative department better. And in this industry that's all that really matters."

Roger Low
Product Specialist
The Garage Team Mazda

"Roy is one of a rare breed. The kind who tells it to you straight, and whose direction and opinions you can trust because they're backed by the experience and expertise needed to get a job done right, along with a promise that it will be before it leaves his hands. Combine that with a quick wit, a refined sense of humor with just the right mix of insight, self deprecation and candor, and a genuine love for conversation (philosophical paradoxes, weekend excursions or anything regarding the Adobe Creative Suite), and you've got one of the best leaders, colleagues, and friends you could hope to have by your side or at your company."

Luke Munnell
Automotive Photographer,
Writer & Content Producer

"Roy is very creative and thinks outside the box. Plus, he listens and understands what you're trying to accomplish within the limitations he's given. His clients and peers consider him a professional that holds his work to the highest regardHis work, simply put, is great!"

Joseph Balian
WestStar Multimedia

"I was always impressed with Roy's creativity and ability to bring a unique design to life.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge of his craft and is incredibly detail oriented. Roy is hardworking and skilled at building relationships and providing excellent customer service.  I highly recommend him as a candidate for any position or project."

KD Shaughnessy
Director, Benefits & Health
Nestlé USA

"I had the pleasure of working with Roy Antoun as an art director and designer at the Garage Team Mazda for several years. In that time, I have known Roy to be a gifted and talented creative individual who has the perseverance and spirit to make his vision come alive. His positivity and spirit made work a sincere pleasure, while his diligence and attention to detail made him a valuable asset to the company. Roy is a value creator in the truest sense."

Nina Dahiya
VP, Decision Sciences
RAPP (Omnicom Media)

"It was truly a pleasure working with Roy at The Garage. His ability to remain calm under pressure, create bold, meaningful work, and lend a helping hand made him an irreplaceable asset."

Carolyn K. Nguyen
Sales Planner

"Roy, and his company Design Crew, were a good graphics partner for a large product knowledge print-based project that we worked on together at Nissan. He understood his craft well and was responsive to our needs. He is a dedicated professional and I enjoyed working with him and his team."

Marcia Oto
Senior Manager, Training
Nissan North America

"Roy's portfolio speaks for itself, but there's more. He has a wonderful sense of humor, great follow-through, and a sincere desire to see his clients succeed. His clients are loyal for good reason: he produces on-target work that deliver results."

Paula Johnson
Senior Copywriter & Designer
The Johnson Group

"Roy is still one of the best designers in the market. His creative is fresh, unique and original. The best part of his creative is that it's timeless in the sense that you can get a long term ROI out of his work compared to the disposable nature found in other creative programs. He also brings a very holistic approach to each project making sure that the message hits home and it fits within the time and budget constraints of all campaigns. Roy you are the man!"

Spencer T. Brown
Founder & Chief Treehugger


"I have worked with Roy Antoun in some capacity for the last decade. Roy's most important quality is his ability to inspire people. It’s a simple idea that he executes flawlessly. Whether he’s creating a phenomenal campaign or giving direction to vendors on ways to execute within a deadline, he is a wonderful personality to work with. Add to the list, the abilities to stay relevant and original, you have a powerhouse to work with."

Lara Carnevale
Marketing Graphic Designer
Chegg, Inc.

"Professional, and a great pleasure to work with."

Sherry Spencer
Freelance Finisher, Retoucher,
and Instructor

"Roy helps his clients define their goals, and accurately graphically depicts those goals. He is incredibly talented at identifying marketing mixes and the best channels to reach your target market. Roy has provided invaluable business and marketing advice, both formally and informally to me for the past decade. He is well-connected and will only provide the best for his clients."

Jeffrey Albert
Q1 Human Resources